Best Tips from Silverfish Pest Control Services

Best Tips from Silverfish Pest Control Services

Silverfish are a common pest threat across several households. No matter where you live in the world, there’s a good chance you are well acquainted with the chaos silverfish are known to cause. If you’ve ever wondered why you find silverfish infestations in homes, the reasons are plenty. Our homes present ideal spaces for silverfish to hide, feed, and thrive. The presence of ample moisture, polysaccharides, and darkness is all they need to kickstart their infestations. Silverfish Pest Control Service in Adelaidehelps you understand the basic silverfish behaviour and also equips you for putting an end to their infestation.

Here are some basic domestic remedies that can help you get rid of a silverfish problem at your premises. In case these do not work, you can always contact local pest control services and get a pest control drive in place. There’s a good chance that a comprehensive pest control session will put an end to several problems other than the silverfish problem. If the infestation isn’t extremely severe or troublesome, you could try out these tips to eradicate silverfish from your home.

Simple tips that are known to work 


  • Sticky Traps

Easily availing in the market, sticky traps are the one step solution to several pest problems. They can easily be placed around your home in the most affected areas. Silverfish will easily crawl to these and will end up getting stuck. As long as the infestation hasn’t entirely gotten out of hand, this technique will help you trap a considerable number of silverfish.

  • Food lure

Since silverfish love feeding on the polysaccharides they find in your home, you could give them the food lure to trap them. You could put out starchy food for them in a jar and have the outsides covered with tape. This will make sure they stick to the tape and are easy to eliminate.

  • Wet newspaper

Though unconventional, Pest Control Services in Adelaidebelieve that this tip is extremely scientific and reliable in nature. If you strategically place wet newspaper around a silverfish infestation, they will want to turn it into their home. The moist newspaper will turn into a favorite habitat for the silverfish. You can then dispose of this newspaper when you feel it has collected enough silverfish.

  • Strong smelling substances

Substances with strong smelling pheromones such as cedar oil are useful in keeping silverfish at bay. According to Silverfish Pest Control Service in Adelaide, these act as natural repellents for silverfish. You can use a mixture of cedar oil and water in a normal spray bottle to put this method into practice.

  • Natural remedy

You can find another natural remedy in bay leaves. Just like our tip given above, the smell of bay leaves can be repelling silverfish too. You can choose to use its oil to say goodbye to a troubling silverfish attack at your home. You can also look into other smell based repellents that do the trick.

Pest Control Services always have your back in case these home remedies aren’t proving to be fruitful. The first step to effective silverfish control is identifying the problem areas. A lot of times professional help is needed for this too. Finding the right professional service can help you sail through the tiring process of location, analysis, and treatment. With industry grade equipment and on field practice by their side, professionals can restore safety and hygiene in your home while making it completely pest free. Get in touch with known local pest control experts now and don’t let silverfish attack your humble abode. Push away all pest related problems with the right tips and guiding information by your side.