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    Commercial pest control is a necessity to keep your workplace, offices or corporate spaces clean, safe and usable for employees and clients. Your business office needs to look immaculate as well as remain free from pests and insects. Contact pestico pest control Adelaide, in the event of a pest infestation in your property. We work with experienced and skilled pest control professionals and hence are able to deliver the best commercial pest control Adelaide services in the agreed time frame. Our services are in line to all standards laid down by Australian government for pest control businesses. You can connect us for an appointment. We strive to complete our work on your commercial property without disrupting your business hours or work routine.

    Importance / Benefits   

    • Protect the health of your employees 

    A pest-free environment is extremely essential to maintain the health and safety of employees while also protecting them from health risks while at work. 

    • Protect your assets and equipment  

    Some rodents and insects are extremely damaging and can single-handedly destroy your office equipment, doors, windows, electrical wiring, HVAC units, upholstery etc. Commercial pest control comes in handy to protect these valuable assets for the upcoming years. 

    • Safeguard the reputation of your business 

    Your business has a reputation to uphold and the existence of pests and insects will not be helpful for it. If your workplaces or offices have pests, it can quickly hamper your hard-earned name and reputation in the market. Hence, opting for commercial pest control is the easiest way out. 

    • Efficient pest control treatments 

    When you work with a specialized pest control service like Pestico Pest Control Adelaide you can be completely certain that your property will be cleared off all the pests in a safe manner. Your commercial property needs to be protected at all costs and if there is a pest infestation it needs to be handled before it increases. We help you go to the root cause and then treat and remove the infestation accordingly.

    Contact us on 0480028357 as we are a proficient pest control company that can provide you with long-term solutions for your pest infested office. Call us today to book your commercial pest control Adelaide appointment.

    Same Day Pest Control Service 

    Pest Control Adelaide also provides same day as well as emergency pest control to their clients. We understand that you cannot close your operations or shut down your office space. Hence, we can provide same day services on a holiday or even on weekends when there would be no influx of visitors, employees and other vendors. You can schedule our same day or emergency pest control service according to your convenience and availability. We routinely service schools, hotels and food joints, public utility places, hospitals, corporate offices, factories, warehouses, food manufacturing places, and many more with our team of efficient pest control service Adelaide experts. Our teams arrive on the location with all the required industrial equipment, chemicals and tools necessary to perform the commercial pest control in an efficient and proper manner. You do not need to be worried about the prices for our same day services as they are not uneconomical or exorbitantly priced. 

    Why Choose Us?   

    Pestico Pest Control Service Adelaide is the top pest control service provider in business since 2003. With a rich experience of over 2 decades and the best pest controllers working for us, we have amassed an equally rich base of clients too. Read ahead to find out what are the factors that have made us the best in our industry: 

    • Our pest control specialists are certified as well as licensed for the job and take care to fulfil clients’ requests to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 
    • Our pest control teams work 24*7 and hence are at your service whenever you need them. 
    • Our pest control services come at extremely economical as well as affordable pricing.  
    • The chemicals used by our teams are eco-friendly and do not cause any allergies to your employees or staff.  
    • Our experts are proficient, reliable and responsible people. 

    Services we offer 

    • Termite Control 
    • Rodent Control 
    • Possum Removal 
    • Cockroach Control  
    • Moth Control  
    • Flea Control 
    • Same Day Pest Control  
    • Commercial Pest Control  
    • Borer Control  
    • Bees Control  
    • Bed Bugs  
    • Ant Control  
    • Dead Animal Removal  
    • Residential Pest Control  
    • Silverfish Control  
    • Bee Removal  
    • Rat Removal  


    Pestico Pest Control Adelaide has always been among the highly dependable and reliable pest control service providers since 2003. We have been highly preferred by our clients because of the high-quality service that we provide to each and every client. Call and speak to our customer care executives on 0480028357 for booking an appointment with us.


    1. How much is the time taken for the pest control treatment to become fully effective? 

    The treatment shows its impact almost instantaneously after the chemicals are applied. Though, the impact and the time taken for the effect may differ depending on the pest infestation and the extent of infestation along with the chemicals used. Our team will speak to you regarding it beforehand and also inform you about any additional services required if any. 

    2. How often should I opt for commercial pest control for my factory outlet and my granary? 

    As commercial pest control experts we recommend that you opt for pest control every 3 months. As a business-owner it is necessary to keep pests away from your premises and hence opting for regular pest control is necessary. 

    3. What are the commercial properties that you service? 

    Pestico Pest Control Adelaide provides commercial pest control services to schools, child care centres, hospitals, warehouses, shopping centres, government facilities, factories, offices, Hotels and Restaurants. 

    4. How much time would your pest control specialists need for finishing their work? 

    The time taken by our pest control teams depends on the scope of work and the extent of the pest infestation in your commercial property. Our teams work hard to finish their work without wasting your time and also ensuring 100% elimination of pests from your property. 

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