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    Several residential or commercial property owners face an issue of rodent infestation in homes or offices. These rodents enter in your property looking for food and once they get it, they start residing in the property for long time. Rodents pose a problem not only to the cleanliness but also to your health. They might lead to severe problems such as miscarriages, stillbirth or pregnancy complications. Here are the three commonly found types of rodents that are dealt with by our rodent removal services.

    • House mouse
    • Garden rodents
    • Brown rats

    Many a times, rodents have affected humans and led to huge losses. So, it is important to understand how rodents can be hazardous for our society.  Our expert team at Pestico Pest Control Port Clinton is skilled and proficient in eliminating irritating rodents from your home and/or office. Here are some factors which you get after choosing our services.

    • Same day emergency services.
    • Guaranteed results
    • Affordable cost
    • Trusted professionals at your services

    Possible threats of rodent infestation in and around your property-

    • Rodents might be a reason for accidental fire lit up as they tend to nibble electrical wires.
    • Rats and mice eat lot of food and spoil it with their feces.
    • They also destroy all you’re belonging like furniture, books and gadgets.
    • Rodents also spread infection among animals and humans by transporting lice, ticks and mites.
    • Rodents can spread deadly infectious diseases like rat-bite fever, bubonic plague, jaundice, trichinosis and pulmonary fever.
    • Also, they can cause severe issues in places like supermarkets, hotels, offices and homes.

    How do you know that you have rodent infestation in your property?

    Here are some simple ways to find out whether you have rodents in your home.

    • Droppings or excreta-

    In case you see rodent droppings that are smooth with pointy ends and tablet shape, then there are chances of you having rodent infestation in your property.

    • Trail marks-

    One can check whether there are any trail marks in your home. You can also see check your outdoors for signs of trails.

    • Runways

    Rodents have a habit of travelling through same roads looking for food and water. So, you can mark 50mm runaways as indicators of rodent infestation in your home.

    • Gnawing

    Rats have a habit to chew everything using their incisor teeth. So, if you spot any abrupt holes, then there is a chance of rodents in your home.

    • Burrows-

    You can see burrows in furniture and concrete piles.

    • Grease marks-

    Rodents have oily skin due to which you can see oil marks on furniture and determine rodent infestation.

    • Weird sound-

    Though you might not see rats, still you can know that they are around through their rattling sounds.

    • Pungent odour-

    You can smell pungent odour in your home or office if you have rodent infestation.

    • Particles of half-eaten –

    Though rodents eat all the food, still they can leave behind some half eaten food items. So, you might use this as a sign of rodent infestation in your home.

    • Dead or living rodents-

    If you see any dead or living rodents during daytime, then you can get a clear indication that you have rodents in the property.

    What can you do to keep rodents away from your house or office?

    Many people feel that there is no particular thing which can be done to stop rodents from entering your home or office. But, we believe that precaution is better than cure. This quote is a lot true. As rodents like hiding in outdoor places like yards or gardens, you can target these areas. You will have to throw away the trimmings, wood logs and other stored things away to make it difficult for the rodents to settle down in your property premises. Here we have given some ways to make sure that your property is rodent free.

    • Regularly check the whole perimeter of your property and ensure that there are no slits or gaps left behind at the entry or exit. Also, you should seal the exit and entry points of the property in order to ensure that your property is not targeted by the rodents. Plus, you should check all the electric wires, cables, pipes and windows. You will have to seal the openings with wire mesh, metal sheet and tin.
    • Keep a check on water and make sure that it is not logged as that can invite rodents.
    • Also, you might use rat traps for eradication of the rats and mice. These traps can catch the rodents and throw them away.

    Finally, in case you feel that all the above mentioned methods are not working well, then you can call our experts and get skilled professional help from our experts at Pestico Pest Control Port Clinton, we provide efficient rodent removal and control treatments in Port Clinton at affordable price.

    So don’t get into the hassle of eradicating rats and mice from your property by yourself. Instead, trust the professionals and get the job done in best manner. Contact us now for a free quote. If needed, our experts will check your property and provide you with some preventive tips to keep rodents away from your home or office.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do you face foul odour due to dead rodents?

    Yes, dead rodents can create foul smell in your surroundings.

    2. Do you offer variety of pest control services?

    Yes, our experts at Pestico Pest Control Port Clinton provide variety of pest control services to eradicate pesky pests and leave your properties pest free and clean.

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