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    Adverse Effects Of Silverfish On Human Beings

    When disturbed, these creepy insects flee to safety and there is a higher risk of injuring yourself in an effort to chase them down as they are very quick and hide in cracks and crevices. You may be affected by silverfish infestation in a number of ways:


    Generally, these hide in the day and forge in the night and are a little hard to hunt for.


    Near the food supply, they make their nests.


    They also harm clothes, books, records, pantry food and wallpaper.


    They feed on and can kill wool, silk, starchy food, glue and book bindings.


    In addition, tiny holes in the materials they bite are created by silverfish which cause it to stain yellow.


    They live in and can damage, the linen piles and plumbing.


    In addition, the discarded skin of silverfish allows human beings to develop allergies.


    Their presence can cause asthma in the house.


    Silverfish are capable of scaling walls and floors, making your home a permanent one for them for a long period of up to eight years.


    In addition, they become food for other insects, such as spiders and cockroaches, which transmit other harmful diseases.


    In addition, they also kill cereals and may also breed inside the sealed containers.

    How To Recognise An Infestation Of Silverfish?

    There are nocturnal silver fishes and their identification is a little difficult. Here are however a few identifiers that can help you monitor Adelaide’s silverfish:

    Skin and Tiny Feces Cast

    The cast skin and silverfish faeces look like pepper. Therefore, if you find any of these at home, chances are high that your building will be infested with silverfish.

    The Openings

    Holes in the wallpaper may be caused by silverfish. Hence, silverfish infestation may also, be suggested by the appearance of holes.

    Stains of Yellow

    The fabrics, books and wallpapers are caused to turn yellow by Silverfish.

    Locks for Moisture

    In sinks and bathtubs, they prefer moisture and get stuck. Check for these regions, therefore for their infestation, if any.

    Inspect the clothing segment

    It’s cotton, linen, and silk that they feed. So search your cloth closets in order to look for an infestation.

    Inspect for Glue positions

    Silverfish prefer glue and gum to eat. Thus, look at the furniture and other places where glue may have been used.

    Boxes for Cardboard

    Cardboard boxes, magazines, and bookbinding are among their favourite locations. Therefore, looking at these locations can also make you aware of the an infestation of silverfish, if any.

    Silverfish Eradication

    In Adelaide, silverfish monitoring can be carried out by one of the following methods:

    Stop Moist Conditions

    Silverfish thrive in the humid regions. Therefore, if you can prevent moisture from entering your area, then the infestation of silverfish can be largely prevented. To ensure that there is less moisture in your house, here are a few steps you can take:

    • Prevent leakage in the the house if there is any.
    • Additionally, in closed spaces, ensure adequate ventilation.
    • Do not allow the accumulation of water anywhere.
    • What’s more, use a humidifier if necessary.
    • Using vacuum pumps to disinfect the cracks and crevices in order to physically remove insects from their shelters.
    • Food Shop Carefully
    • Silverfish feed on starch daily. Food should also be properly stored in sealed Adelaide silverfish control tanks.

    Removal of sites at Harborage

    To make these places less hospitable to these pests, cover walls, doors, mouldings with caulk.

    Clean stuff in the Heat

    Expose the stuff to the sun in the stored areas to avoid the development of mould that attracts

    Other Adelaide Methods For Silverfish Monitoring

    Control Spray for Pro-Active Silverfish

    In all places, spray the solution and keep the kids and animals away from the place. Fully let the product dry.

    To ensure full eradication of the pests, add chemicals every 30 days to the wall and floor junctions below the washing machines and the cookers.

    WP Cyper

    It is a wettable powder which is visible on dark surfaces. Spray the entry points and the baseboards with it.

    The Dust

    Using dust where silverfish is usually covered, such as attic insulation, electrical outlets and light fixtures behind refrigerators and ovens. In addition, for silverfish control in Adelaide, you can use D-Fense dust and Cimexa Dust on an area of 1000 square feet.


    The silverfish are attracted by bait. They eat them, and then they die on the spot. Entice Perimeter 10 and Invicta Xpress are among some of these baits.

    Adopt the methods above and avoid the return of these pests to your house. If things are out of control, however and you find it difficult to deal with silverfish in Adelaide, just call Marks Pest Control.

    In Adelaide, Pestico Pest Control is a leading pest control specialist. We are an authorised specialist in pest control and deal with all forms of pests.

    Contact us today to learn more about the Adelaide Control silverfish.

    Quick Tips For Silverfish Management

    By following the steps below you can monitor or ban silverfish from your homes or workplaces.


    Keep your garbage and litter in order and never leave dark or damp areas with stacks of paper.


    Keep your libraries and bookshelves clean and always make sure there is no clear silverfish sign anywhere.


    Eliminate all cracks in storage rooms, garages, or any other location where silverfish can live.


    Store paper or food items in airtight containers or sealed cabinets. Don’t let storage rooms or offices collect paper waste.


    Hire specialists to identify and avoid silverfish infestation, such as Mark’s Pest control.


    How can I get away from silverfish?

    It is difficult to get rid of silverfish fully with the manual methods as these species are expert in hiding and cannot be caught easily by human hands. They aggravate and visit again with a huge infestation. Thus, in order to eliminate them completely, calling a silverfish professional is important.

    How do the silverfish get entry to our households?

    The dry weather that exists in the residential spaces prove favourable for the silverfish to get easy entry.

    On what food material do silverfish feed on?

    They feed on flour, cereal books, magazines, etc.

    Do silverfish bite human beings?

    Because of their weak and small teeth, it is difficult for silverfish to bite humans.

    How do the silverfish find access to our houses?

    They find access through the grass and soli of the home gardens.

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