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    Say No To Possum Infestation With Pestico Experts

    Possums dwell in trees. Possums create lots of nuisance once they get inside your home. Marks Possum Removal Adelaide consists of professionals who thoroughly inspect your surroundings to find the source of possum entrance. We use the best methods to control or remove them so that you don’t have to deal with the nuisance caused by them.

    These animals are protected species under the Wildlife Act of 1975. We are experts in possum removal safely. We offer safe, effective, and same-day possum removal services all across Adelaide.

    As soon as you get the indication that possums are there in your residential or commercial place, contact the professionals of Pestico Possum Removal Adelaide. You will receive the most reliable service from our possum controllers. Book us today for same-day possum removal service in Adelaide.

    Things You Should Know About Possum

    Research says that possum faeces carry bacteria that can generate flesh-eating ulcers.
    If a person gets exposed to the faeces of possum, they might suffer from long-term functionality disabilities.
    Killing possums is an illegal task, so you have to take utmost care while controlling/removing them.
    They fake their death by laying on the surface.
    Possums show their defensive behaviour by standing on their feet, and also, they bare their teeth.
    Possums have vulnerable immunity systems, thus making them harmful for you.

    What Do Possums Like?

    Eucalyptus leaves – It is one of the favourite foods that possums love to eat. From your garden, they love to eat gardenias, fuchsias roses, and passion fruit.

    Tree hollows – Possums use tree hollows for resting and creating their nest.

    Night-time – Possums take rest during the day and are active during night time. Also, they are more active in the first half of the night, searching for food.

    Nest-boxes – When the number of tree hollows is less than possums can live in the nest boxes instead of one’s roof.

    What Possums dislike?

    Spiky plants – Possums don’t like tough, woody banksias and spiny Grevilleas and hakeas.

    Stinky plants – Possums do not like some of the stinky plants like chrysanthemums, geraniums, mint bushes, and daisies.

    Bright lights – Possums hate some lights such as spotlights, porch lights, or party lights.

    Trappers – Trappers take possums away from their territories; that’s why they hate them the most. It is very stressful for a possum to be relocated. Also, most of them don’t survive.

    Common Types Of Possum That Are Found In Adelaide

    Common Brushtail Possum

    The name of these possums is given based on their furry tail. Common Brushtail Possums are native to Australia. These possums easily find their path at night as they are nocturnal pests. Brushtail possums love to eat eucalyptus leaves. Also, sometimes they can eat rats. This species of possums is considered as the second most popular species. The body colour of these possums can be found in different variations such as black, silver-grey, brown, and gold colour variations. Also, these possums have a unique feature – their tail that has a grasping ability and helps them to move from one tree to the other.

    Common Ringtail Possum

    These possums are grey, with a cream-coloured stomach and white patches under the eyes. Just like Brushtail Possums, they too have a prehensile tail that helps them in better mobility. The tail of Ringtail Possums is occupied with a white tip of quarter length. The molars of Ringtail Possums come with pointed cusps. This attribute makes Ringtail Possums scarier when they bare their teeth.

    Dead Possum Removal Service Adelaide

    Possums are one of the protected species, so it is not allowed to kill them despite them being harmful. But sometimes they die on their own. You can find the carcass of possums behind the walls.

    If possums have died in your home, or nearby, then you get a foul stench for about two months. Also, there would be an accumulation of flies over the carcass. You should call us instantly when you get any such indications. We remove the dead possums safely. After completing the removal service, our professionals sanitize that place so that no odour is left behind.

    Call us today and get rid of possums without any damage to your residential place. All this at a reasonable price.

    Signs Of Possum Infestation

    If you spot some damage in your garden, then it is the indication that possums are residing in your house. Possums eat the produce from your garden and that’s the biggest sign.
    If you have droppings in a sheltered place, then possums are living there. The dropping of possum looks similar to dog faeces.
    Possums are nocturnal pests that produce some screeching sound. They do it to communicate with others or to seek attention.
    They generate a foul smell. They have glands under their chin that secrete that smell.
    Possums create marks with their claws or tails. Look out for these marks and call the professionals immediately.
    The eyes of possum shine and if you want to check their presence, search for them during the night.
    If you identify any type of bite over your vegetation and outside furniture, it is an indication that possum is there. They sharpen their teeth by biting on plant matter or tree logs.

    Places Covered By Our Professionals

    We have a team of expert possum catchers who effectively remove a possum from every corner of the premises. With the team of certified and skilled technicians, we offer possum removal and control service on the same day of booking. We are always open to serve. Our professionals cover most of the places:

    • Housing complex
    • Restaurants
    • Industrial places
    • Commercial places
    • School
    • Hospitals
    • Churches
    • Government places

    Services We Offer:

    • Remove possum trapped in your roof
    • Locate and remove dead possums
    • Remove possum from the chimney
    • Remove rats from your property
    • Eco-friendly possums’ removal
    • Seal all the entry points of possums

    What To Do If You See Possum

    The first thing to do is the identification of the entrance of the possums.
    After finding the entry points, block all the open entry points so that they do not enter again.
    Possums mark their living territory with the special type of odour that they secrete from their glands. So, if you notice any such condition, then disinfect and sanitize that place so that no odour is left.
    However, if you can trap the possum, try to locate them in the hollow logs of the tree and hanging wooden boxes.
    Keep all the dark places lit as possums are nocturnal; they do not like light.
    Cut the overhanging tree branches, if any, present over your house’s roof.
    If you want to do any repair work, then the best time is mornings or during the end of daytime as possums come out in search of their food.

    Same Day Possum Removal Service In Adelaide

    Pestico Possum Removal Adelaide offers same day possum removal service all across Adelaide. Our professionals are active 24×7. We use the most advanced and unique technique to control and remove the possums from your residential and commercial places. We use eco-friendly solutions for the removal of possums and offer 100% customer satisfaction to our clients.

    Get in touch with us for more information.

    Why Hire Pestico Possum Removal Team In Adelaide?

    • We offer quick and reliable service.
    • Same-day and emergency services are accessible to all.
    • We have 15 years of experience in removing possums.
    • Our professionals use up-to-date and latest tools for controlling the possum.
    • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
    • Our specialists have full accreditation and license from the government to control possums.
    • We cover all the cities in Adelaide.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you remove dead possums from my roof?

    Yes, we can remove a dead possum from your roof, garages, living area, kitchen, and even in the backyard as well. For more details, you can contact us at +61 1800 033 756

    How to remove a dead possum from my roof?

    For removing dead possum from the roof, you should call the professionals who are trained in the field.

    Possum runs on my roof at night, how to deal with it?

    Trim the branches near your roof so that there is no place through which possum can climb to your roof.

    What damage can be caused by a possum on the roof?

    Possums can urinate on the roof which can result in yellow stains on the walls and ceilings.

    Can we kill the possum?

    Killing possums is illegal by law. You can only remove the possums from your houses/spaces.

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