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    Pests can infest even the cleanest of homes and residential premises if they are getting the necessary conditions to thrive and survive. However, it is undesirable and uncomfortable for anybody to stay in pest-infested conditions. A home is a peaceful and safest abode for everyone to return to at the end of a day at work. If the house is infested with pests, then it is difficult to reside or even cohabit with your family members. Consult us as we are the best residential pest control experts who have delivered services to countless families in Adelaide and its suburbs. Reach out to us for more details on the pest control services that we have been offering for residences and homes since many years.


    1. Pest control services conducted by professionals can clear your premises of pests and make them safer and cleaner to reside in.
    2. Rodents, mice, cockroaches, ants, fleas, moths are some common pests that infest homes. Elimination of these pests can be handled by professional residential pest control Adelaide experts at pestico pest control Adelaide.
    3. Domestic places do not have the necessary equipment and machinery required for a pest control service. Hence, the services of professional service providers come into the picture.
    4. Pests can cause a lot of material loss as well. Pests such as ants, moths, rats and mice can chew into your belongings and articles of use. When they come into contact with food or water their hair and body parts come into contact with the same thus polluting it and making it unfit for consumption. Consuming such things can give rise to a number of diseases. All this can be prevented with a good pest control service.
    5. Pests travel in dirty places in and around your property. Needless to say, they carry a lot of parasites and disease-causing germs and bacteria on them making them transmitters of deadly diseases. Extermination of these pests can protect the health of your household in a huge way.

    Services we Offer

    • Ant Control
    • Wasp Control
    • Termite Control
    • Bee Control
    • Bird Nesting Control and Removal
    • Possum Removal
    • End of Lease Pest Control
    • Commercial Pest Control
    • Residential Pest Control

    Why Choose Us?

    Pestico Pest Control Adelaide team provides quality and assured residential pest control Adelaide services to all our clients. Our pest control team delivers the highest quality outcomes which has made us a leading pest control service in Adelaide.

    • Our residential pest control services are available at economical rates
    • We never compromise on the quality of our service in any assignment.
    • We work round the clock to serve our customers and our services are accessible on the same day as the appointment.
    • Our pest control experts are trained to make use of biodegradable and environment-friendly pest control products that do not cause any harm to children, pets, or allergic individuals.
    • All our pest control treatments are executed by the best and highly experienced pest control professionals.


    1. What are the areas that you target during a pest control treatment?

    That depends on the pest type that is being searched for eliminating. Our treatments target places like roofs, eaves of roofs, flooring, subfloors, skirting boards, garages, window frames, door frames, and basically inaccessible places that pests use for living and breeding. Treatment is also done in the external part of the property.

    2. How frequently should I opt for residential pest control?

    It is suggested that you have your home treated by pest control experts at least once in the whole year. This will be enough to ascertain if there are any pests breeding in your home and also to eliminate any if found. Contact pestico pest control Adelaide to schedule an appointment.

    3. What are the pest control mechanisms used for eliminating pests from residential properties?

    Pestico Pest Control Adelaide pest control teams make use of dust, repellents, bait stations, insecticides, traps and more to catch pests and then to eliminate them from your property. However, be assured that we make use of eco-friendly chemicals and products in each of our assignments. We do not use any chemicals that will cause trouble to the pets, infants or individuals suffering from any allergies residing in your household.

    4. What can I do to help prepare my house before the pest control experts come to my property?

    There are a few preparations that you can make by yourself to prepare the property before the pest control experts arrive at your house. Some of the things that you can do are as follows –

    • Vacuum the house properly
    • Do not let dirty dishes remain in the sink. Clean the sink as well.
    • Discard the garbage and litter appropriately
    • Keep heavy furniture items in a single room. Clean up any wet patches due to leakages and try and have the leakages fixed.
    • Stock all the cooked and processed food in sealed containers

    5. If there are no pests in my property, do I have to still opt for pest control services regularly?

    It is necessary for you to opt for professional pest control services on a regular basis even if there is no pest activity or you aren’t able to spot any pests in your environment. That is because pests can remain hidden in gaps, cracks and openings in window frames, door frames, wall cavities and stay away from your sight. Naturally, if no action is taken against them for their elimination, they will breed and increase rapidly giving birth to a more serious pest situation in no time. Hence contact pestico pest control Adelaide for an appointment for your residential pest control requirements.


    Reach out to pestico pest control Adelaide on 0480028357 for your residential pest control issues. Our team will reach your location in the shortest possible time for delivering the service. You are guaranteed 100% high quality outcomes on the money, time and trust that you have placed on us! Book an appointment with us today.

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