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    Having ants is not a sign of hygiene and cleanliness on your commercial and residential premises. They eat away the edible items available to them and also damage the property. So if you are infested by severe ant infestation, get our Ant Control Adelaide experts and get rid of them immediately.  


    Our technicians will eliminate ants and free the property from these pesky pests. The team at Pestico Pest Control Adelaide services is well-trained and knowledgeable to understand commercial and residential property needs and prioritise pest-free cleanliness.  

    Call us 0480028357 to learn more about all our services and get rid of pests like ants, bees, spiders, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, and more. 

    Why Professional Services For Ant Control?

    Professional Ants control Adelaide experts have the required skills to know how badly ants infest the property. Ants like carpenter ants damage the wood and are a nuisance. 

    Calling professionals help in controlling the situation as professionals: 

    Understand the need for ant removal services 

    Have experience in dealing with an ant infestation 

    Use non-harmful solvents to treat ant infestation and provide a safe solution for the same 

    Ant infestation needs professional eyes to identify and treat 

    Help in the same-day treatment 

    Provide 100% effective and satisfactory results 

    Hiring Ant Control Services Adelaide experts ensures your premises are free from all types of ants – harmful and non-harmful at the earliest. 

    Ant Infestation And Its Signs

    Ant infestation is visible when an ant forms a group and is near the food source to collect the same and store it for the future. The Ant Control Adelaide experts identify ants with these possible signs: 

    Trails of ants and group of ants 

    Visible ant mounds in various corners of the property and garden area 

    Ants near food storage and kitchen area 

    Ants in the bathrooms and garden areas 

    Ants on the trees and plants 

    Mud spread in the corners 

    After identifying ant infestations, immediately treating them is advisable to minimise damage. 

    Other Services We Offer

    Pest control services experts are a professional team of pest controllers that have a list of services to cater to all pest removal needs of different customers. 

    The list of services includes: 

    If you need Ant Control Adelaide service requirements, you can reach our customer support 0480028357 and the technical team to help you get Ant control done even on the same day.

    Process Of Ant Eradication We Follow

    For Ant Eradication Adelaide expertise, we begin the process with all the correct steps to finish the process with complete satisfaction and 100% guaranteed results. 


    We begin with inspecting the premises, identifying the spots where the ants reside and causing the damage. We mark the areas and work on them to eradicate ants.

    Ant Removal Treatment

    After identifying the sites, we begin the treatment with eco-friendly and biodegradable measures that are non-harmful for all. We try to use organic treatment solvents that are safe for occupants and dangerous for ants. 

    Final Inspection

    After completing the process, we re-inspect the area to see if any further measures are needed or not to ensure satisfaction. 

    You can stay worry-free after calling us to do the job. 

    Why Choose Us?

    Getting the best Ant Eradication Adelaide team is the least you can do for a healthier living standard inside your homes and offices. Choose the best team we have for: 

    24X7 availability to eradicate pests 

    Cost-effective treatment packages 

    Eco-friendly solvents to treat pests and their infestations 

    Experienced and skilled technical team 

    The latest tools and devices to treat pests 

    Saving damage and repair costs 

    Earliest pest control solutions 

    Reliable and trustworthy services 

    The post-service support team for queries 

    Residential Ant Control Services

    We are a team of professional ant controllers with solutions to multiple problems and issues. We have years of experience in the pest control industry and know all the pests to provide long-term solutions. 

    Residential premises are prone to many infestations by multiple pests. Ants are one of them to infest the residential property with their colonies. Professional Ant Removal Adelaide experts ensure your premises are ant free after each visit, and you get pest-free solutions.  

    Our Ant Control Services Adelaide experts are trained to eradicate all the pests, especially ants that are huge in number and difficult to identify the severity of the infestation that can be deep and dense. We have devices to remove ants and colonies and provide results. Call our team 0480032290 and learn better about our process and treatment solutions. 

    Get Our Ant Control Service Now!

    Get professional Ants Control Adelaide services and many other pest control assistance from our professional team that is 24X7 available with expert solutions. We are experienced in eradicating all types of pests from the premises.  

    You can learn about our services and packages by calling us quickly. We are happy to serve you with the best. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How To Get Rid Of Ants?
    Professional ant controllers can effectively eliminate ants. They use organic and eco-friendly solvents to get rid of ants effectively.

    Q. Why Professionals For Ant Eradication?
    As some types of ants bite severely, you must call experts to do the same. Also, they know the types of ants, so they provide the service accordingly.

    Q. Are Ants Harmful?
    Ants bite and contaminate food. They are not suitable to be around. So, directly and indirectly, they harm the occupants of the properties.

    Q. Is It Worth Getting Ant Removal Service?
    Yes, ants cause damage to property and food. They should be eliminated by a professional for better maintenance of the premises.

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