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    Bees need to be relocated to a new and safe place. We are there for you to do that. In both office and home buildings, bees are an annoyance and troublesome to the residents. It is a usual sight to see these pests hovering in certain groups, honey bee and hornet stings may cause serious allergic reactions and may even be fatal.

    We recognise the significance of bees to our community at Pestico Pest Control. That’s why we strongly offer Adelaide management of our bees in ways that keep away the bees without destroying or hurting them.

    Call us today if you want to have professional bee service done at your place.

    Pestico Approach To Preventing And Controlling Bee Infestation

    A lot of preventive steps are taken by our technicians to ensure the security of both bees and their families. In-office and home spaces as well we can deal with all sorts of beehives.


    In order to evacuate bees and their beehives and to eliminate their invasion from residential areas, Pestico Pest Control employs many different personalised treatments. We shift them to a more suitable venue.


    With secure removing of bees and beehives, our experts also ensure that in the future they will not build their nests near the same areas again.


    Our first goal is to remove and securely relocate bees. If the situation needs them, however, and we experience a hostile response from them, we could only resort to fog treatment as a potential course of action. This is done to keep the technicians and the people near that location secure.


    We perform our services typically at night by trained bees like honey bees. We strictly use natural remedies and green products that are harmless and very effective.


    Our specialists are qualified and proficient according to industry standards. Our staff is well-equipped and trained to offer expert bee control services that are successful at one time.

    Prevention Of Beehives


    The primary and most successful way for Bees Monitor Adelaide is to preserve the cleanliness of the home. Using disinfectants, you can clean your space or adjacent areas of your home and replace the dustbin frequently.


    If the bee infestation cannot be managed, use adhesive methods for extracting bees and eggs. Incinerate the adhesive bags by disposing of them.


    Clean the region that is affected with water at a temperature greater than 60 degrees Celsius.


    The bees may also be destroyed by injecting the heat into affected areas. Make sure the heat is sudden and not gradual or the bees would move to another area otherwise.


    By freezing the affected fabric materials for a period of 10 € 12 hours, bees can easily be eliminated.


    Using peppermint or cryonite. This method is chemical-free and a productive one to manage the bee infestation.


    If the bees are out of balance, use chemical control in the form of pest management. After careful inspection of the infected zones, dust, sprays, and pesticides are used.


    As any kind of neglect can aggravate the infestation that can be out of control, dealing with bees is easy. Therefore, make sure that you stop, rather than eradicate, bees.

    Pestico Pest Control Adelaide is a specialist company in the control of bees. We manage all types of bees and eliminate one hundred per cent of them.

    Why Hire Pestico Services For Bees Control?

    Within the promised time frame, our facilities are rendered by trusted and qualified experts.

    We believe in ensuring the welfare of our clients and that of bees while they relocate. To serve this purpose, Pestico Pest Control Adelaide employs only licenced and experienced beekeepers.

    At the most affordable price, we provide our expert solutions to control bee infestation.

    Instead of elimination, our team believe in safeguarding the bees that have a crucial role in the world by transferring them.

    Pestico Pest Control must be your first preference while selecting a company for controlling bees infestation as it is an experienced company that has been offering bee control services all around Adelaide. In order to get rid of these creepy bees, feel free to call us.

    Thus, if a swarm of bees has chosen to visit your residential or commercial space, it’s time for you to contact licenced pest control services. For a free Pestico Pest Control Adelaide services inspection and quote, contact us on 0480028357. All over Adelaide, we offer our expert solutions.


    If you have been stung by bees, what do you do?

    A bee sting can cause you a lot of pain and that affected area will swell. Stung bees are rarely harmful and require only an antihistamine to cure stung bees.

    What is the amount of water needed by bees?

    To control their body temperature, bees need water, thus they choose to build their houses in a position where the source of water is close.

    What lifetime is there for bees?

    Worker bees can live for around a month or so and the lifetime of queen bees, on the other hand is about two to three years.

    In Australia, name the type of bees found?

    Stingless Bees, Green Carpenter Bees and Yellow & Black Carpenter Bees are common forms of bees found in Australia.

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