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    Professional Ant Infestation Treatment In Adelaide

    Are you looking for expert ant infestation exterminator in Adelaide? Pestico Pest Control Adelaide provides effective services to remove ants from your house/commercial space. We also provide sanitation services to prevent COVID-19 virus. Our pest removal team is certified and highly experienced to eliminate ants.

    If you find ants’ infestation signs in your building, contact a professional pest control Adelaide team immediately. They will be able to inspect and treat your place to remove the ants from your home and suggest a course of ant control and extermination.

    Pestico Pest Control is a leading pest control expert in Adelaide and we use highly advanced methods and solutions to eradicate ants. Our treatment solutions are eco-friendly and completely reliable.

    Signs Of Ant Infestation

    Most obvious signs of ant infestation are the visible sights or the movements of ants in your property.

    If you happen to notice regular sightings of ant clusters in the kitchen, chances are that they have infested your kitchen and can be nesting anywhere in the kitchen.

    Look for ant pathways i.e. the movement of ants from outside to inside. Ants leave pheromones that attract other ants and they follow the trail in search of food.

    Look for nests of ants inside your property, basement, garden, or cupboards. Different species of ants make different kinds of nests in different corners.

    Common ants will have a nest that will look like a small pile of soil or mud. You will see very small round specs of soil in the garden which can be a sign of ant nests.

    An Ant Treatment by professionals will help you get rid of the ant infestation

    From destruction to sustenance contamination, ants can be a complete inconvenience! Pestico Pest Control is a reliable name that will deliver the best ant pest control services for you. We will identify the source of an infestation, remove or treat their nests and deliver complete eradication of ants from your property. Hire Pestico Pest Control today and get rid of ants within 24 hours. We provide safe and effective measures for complete control of ants and help you get rid of them immediately.

    Are Ants Harmful To Human Beings?

    Most of the ants are not harmful to humans intrinsically. For example, you can pick one ant and it will only scamp around your hand without stinging or biting. But this particular innocent behaviour does not apply to all species. Red ants are one of the most harmful ants. These species are small but their bite causes severe pain.

    However, if a large number of ants bite a person at the same time, it could be harmful. Additionally, the red fire ant not just bite but also inject venom. It may result in anaphylaxis in a person. According to some cases, if a large number of fire ants bite a single person at the same time, this may cause massive anaphylaxis that could lead to death.

    Most of the ants that invade your home are generally harmless. But they may be indirectly harming you by spreading germs from different locations to your food.

    Ants Bothering You? Want To Get Rid Of Them?

    Only 4 Steps to Successful Ant Control Adelaide

    • Thorough Inspection
    • Customer Support
    • Effective Ant Removal/ Eradication
    • Satisfactory Service guaranteed

    Inspect Closely!

    To control ants, inspection is the first and the most important step.

    To find the ant nests, you have to follow their trails. Ants leave a chemical pheromone trail behind their established row to and from a confirmed food source so that the other ants can easily find that food source.

    Inspect through the doors, carpets edges, windows, and the associated areas of the kitchen. One of the easiest ways to find an ant trail is to keep an eye where the ants go after fetching the food. If your target is the Carpenter Ants, you should inspect at night rather than during the day as most of the Carpenter Ants are nocturnal. You may notice that these ants emerge from the damaged wood inside your house as well as outside the woodpiles, tree stumps, and water-damaged wood.

    If you want to inspect the ants outside your house, then you should search for them around the foundation walls, mulch, or the areas of vegetation. Any vegetation near the walls and patios may be associated with some hidden ant nests or their trails. Check under all the places on the ground. Some ant nests are hidden.

    If possible, you can treat the nest directly as well as by using a non-repellent insecticide or bait around the house and on the trails of ants.

    Ant Control Adelaide: Other Methods

    Outsider ants can enter your home in search of food. Some of the species reside and make permanent nests inside the houses. You can follow the following tips to prevent an ant infestation:

    Seal and caulk cracks as well as crevices to eliminate the passage into your home.
    You should clean all possible entry points using detergents to remove the chemical trail pheromone. After that, spray residual insecticides (non-repellent) such as FUSE Insecticide or Taurus SC around every possible corner as well as entry points.
    Ant Baits are a very successful method for controlling ants. Ant baits are available in gels, stations, or granules. These baits are associated with sugar-based active ingredients or protein/grease-based active ingredients to attract a large number of ant species as well as target their dietary needs.

    The Carpenter Ants are most active during the evening hours both outside and inside. You have to observe them while applying the spray or bait. You can use a non-repellent insecticide to minimize the risk. However, if the situation is out of control, it is highly recommended to consult a professional pest control service.

    Our professionals conduct the treatment procedure with utmost proficiency and effectiveness that will give you a satisfactory output. After they’re done with the ant treatment, our team will also give you some guidelines on how to prevent your homes as well as commercial spaces from getting infested by ants. This could save you from future damages.

    Pestico Pest Control is a leading ant control expert in Adelaide. We adopt eco-friendly, safe, and reliable pest control methods. We are certified and licensed ant control experts in the city. Contact us to know more about Ant Control Adelaide.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How to get rid of Fire Ants?

    Fire ants can invade your house property from the neighbouring areas and regular fire ant’s treatment is the only way to get completely rid of these ants.

    How to get rid of Argentine Ants?

    Getting rid of Argentine Ants is quite tough because these ants have very big colonies and colonies are further divided into sub-colonies, so getting control of these ants requires professional help.

    How do I get rid of ants in my kitchen?

    To treat the ant infestation properly, one should know different types of ants and how to control them effectively.

    How often should I get my house treated for ants?

    Normally, it is recommended to get a treatment annually, but it also depends on how bad the infestation is.

    How long does it take to be fully free from ants?

    From inspecting the origin of the infestation to treat it thoroughly, it takes a minimum of 48 hours. But this treatment takes 3-4 weeks to work completely.

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